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Everyday Stories Package

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Sometimes the greatest stories come from the smallest, most surprising moments.

These small interactions can have a big effect over a year or a lifetime.

Not all stories fall into particular categories. These are the everyday stories, like that time you bumped into your old friend at the supermarket and ended up having a meaningful experience. 

Capture that feeling when wonder takes over. Tell your story. We'll do the rest.

How It Works
1) Schedule Free Designer Consultation
2) Record and Send us your Story File 
3) We deliver a unique and personalized audio experience that brings your favorite memories to life

Most stories take between 7-10 days from the time your recording is approved by our design team. Sometimes we are able to deliver stories faster.

1) Up to 15 Unique Sound Design Elements
2) Immersive Music that elevates your story
3) Cleaned and Polished Dialogue to always make you sound your best

Add On - Voice Over Actor Package

Send us a text document of your story and we will produce and direct a professional voice actor to tell your story.