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Music Package

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Record a Song on your Mobile Device and We'll make it Sound Shareable

Take the guess work out of mixing your tune

The truth is that making music sound better takes experience and money.

We’ve streamlined the process to deliver a version that you feel good about sharing - in less time, for less money.

Our mixing team can always do something to make your tune sound more like how you expect it to sound.

Do you want more rich and powerful sounding tunes?

How It Works
1) Schedule Free Designer Consultation
2) Record and Send us your Music File 
3) We deliver a unique and personalized audio experience that brings your favorite song to life

Most stories take between 5-10 days from the time your recording is approved by our design team. Sometimes we are able to deliver stories faster.

1) 1 Song Per Order
2) Sweetened and Mastered song with industry standards in mind
3) Shareable